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How to Choose a Car For Rent in Pune


So, you think Renting a car in Pune is an easy process? Absolutely not!

Renting a car is not an easy process. However, it can become an absolute headache especially when you don’t know much about the road conditions, road rules, traffic conditions, rental prices of the state or city you are visiting, etc.

If Pune is on your bucket list next & you don’t know from where to start and how to choose a car, we are here to help you.

First of all, you should clarify if you are going to spend your days in Pune or visit any nearby cities in Pune. If yes, then we have a great fleet of choices for you.

Tips: Choosing a car for trips around Pune

Here we have listed some important tips for your car choice in Pune.

  1. As we stressed before, first of all specify your trip ( a group tour, adventure tour, individual visit, business visit or other).
  2. As prices may vary, understand your needs (24 hour airport services, chauffeur service, 24/7 road assistance etc.).
  3. Always check the rates.
  4. To avoid misunderstanding don’t forget to read the terms & conditions of the Car Rental Company in Pune.
  5. We recommend you to make your booking in advance in order not to have any inconveniences when in the Pune City.
  6. Don’t forget about the insurance (examine its terms so you will not be surprised. If everything is ok, make your booking).
  7. Before coming, do some research about Pune’s roads, directions, speed limits, fines by police, weather conditions, road conditions, etc.
  8. Pune or any city around Maharashtra can be really overloaded by cars, bikes & other vehicles in rush hour.
  9. Be careful and choose a vehicle which is comfortable for you when driving.
  10. Cars must be equipped with all the necessary equipment and have all the safety features. So it’s your right to ask and check when hiring.
  11. We at Majestic Caars, provide a great discount to our customers. Consider booking from Majestic Caars, Car Rental in Pune, for a wonderful trip.
  12. We especially provide water bottles, newspaper, etc. in our rental car fleet in Pune.

Basic conditions and requirements for renting

If you have already found your car, great! Let’s move on the next stage. Here are some basic conditions and requirements to remember when renting a car in Pune.

  1. For hiring a car you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driving license.
  2. Having an health insurance for yourself is the very important factor.
  3. When renting you are responsible for any damage, traffic rules violation or any kinds of incidents that may happen. So be careful and respect the rules of the city or any place you visit.
  4. In Pune, the parking areas are separated by parking lines.
  5. Park your car in those areas otherwise you will be charged by police for violation of traffic rules.
  6. Don’t use the vehicle for re-renting, rallying, test driving, transferring another person, or any other illegal terms.
  7. The car must be given to you in a good and clean condition. So it is expected to be returned in the same way.
  8. You should return the car at the date mentioned on the booking contract to avoid any additional charges.
How to Choose a Car For Rent in Pune
Advantages of Renting a Car in Pune

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